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MAX-CCM CNC Contour Cutting Machine

MAX-CCM CNC Contour Cutting Machine

This machine is advanced and fully automatic computerized foam contour cutting machine, which can cut the various shape by computerized system. 

1. Operated by computer and use CAD software to design the shape for the foam block. Make full use of the foam blocks and extremely save the raw material(foam blocks) cost.

2. Besides CAD software, we also design another drawing software by our engineers which is very easy to use. Operators only need to go through simple computer literacy training.
3. Equipped with wireless remote control which makes the operation more humane convenient.
4. Equipped with high precision servo mechanism system; Rapid cutting speed and accurate cutting; which enhance the working efficiency.
5. No dust raise during cutting process and low noise.
6. Operating system: Windows XP
7. Designing software: Auto CAD / Self-developed CNC operation Software.
8. Cutting software: Foam cutting control system