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MAX-CCM CNC Contour Cutting Machine (Vibration blade)

MAX-CCM CNC Contour Cutting Machine (Vibration blade)

This CNC Contour Cutting Machine  with the low noise, highest output, controlled by PLC system, cut sponge into various shapes without dust.

It has reliable security operating system, which can process any size foam block, various types of sponge fonts, memory foam, high density foam, shaped cleaning supplies, PE, EVA and others various sponge products.

Equipped with high precision servo mechanism system, using vibration blade for cutting any shapes, compare with the traditional manual and the wire type contour cutting machine, it has the following advantages: low noise, high speed and efficiency, high cutting precision, no dust.

With simple structure, convenient maintenance; blade with durable low-loss in devices; smooth running with good internal dynamic balance, good structure and outline, high reliability and long life, friendly interface and compatibility, and suitable for various applications needs.