Product information 

Working Principle:The mattress is fed into the equipment by the roller line and accurately positioned by photoelectricity.  The motor pulls the entire tooling up and down for stacking and positioning, and the whole chopped mattresses  are  stacked  through  the  synchronous  belt  and  the  roller  line  relative  reverse  conveying.

Product features:

①.Ring form power conveying structure, stable power transmission, smooth up and down lifting movement, synchronous  action;

②.Linear  guide for  guidance,  stable movement,  long  service  life;

③.There  is  a pallet  limit  on the bottom, and a rear limit on the tooling, which makes the stack more neat and easy to operate and place;PLC intelligent control,  can  achieve  a  variety  of  intelligent  distribution  of  multiple  units.The  mattress  stacking  machine  can  be equipped with a production line. For example, it is configured on the back side of the gluing machine line, the back side of the automatic edge tape machine, the back side of the automatic packing machine,the back side of the automatic sponge trimming machine to achieve automatic stack.

Technical Parameter 
Maximum mattress size
Maximum height
Production efficiency



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